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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Labor Day Weekend Show...

...was so great! Jimmy Buffet isn't just a fun performer that makes up great songs but his concerts are all out events that you just don't want to end. You can't just go to a Buffet concert... have to start the party early by:

1. Dressing up in a grass hula skirt, hawaiian shirt , bikini...or better yet, as a Pirate!

2. Oh, & don't forget the beer goggle glasses and Parrot hat.

3. Writing Buffet song titles all over your truck windows & installing the wooden fin on the hood.

4. Tailgating in the parking lot at least 4 hours prior to concert time & waiting in line for the port-a-John for 3o minutes.

5. Last but not least, you must pay $45 for that cute pink "Year of still here" T b/c it's so cute!

It's all worth it though...

...the parking lot of his concerts turns into the largest beach bar I've ever seen and many people don't even make it in time for the start of the show because they are having too much fun outside. Next year I think we'll try to make it in early though (and hopefully that will be down to the front row)! I've been lucky to even get seats the last couple of years but I'm dieing to get closer seats next year. Anyone know how to get em'...please let me know!

I think my favorite sign this year was "Buffet for President," don't we wish?

Anyway, the concert was awesome...I actually remember it this year which was great :-) And it's an added bonus if your so lucky, as to have the Jimmy himself drive by inches from your car as he's coming into the pavilion. Yeah, I got a least I'll pretend it was for me!

Until next year...

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