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Monday, November 10, 2008

Who wants to be a Buttonaire?

How cute is that title? That's the name of the treasury that my local Etsian Tennekka came up with to showcase the contestants in her button contest...& yes, I happen to be one of them (yippee). You know how I love a good contest...although I received my two buttons today and have NO IDEA what I'm going to make with them. They are sooo cute! So click here to give us some comment love on the treasury and don't forget to check out her shop for all your button needs. She's got some really cute ones I'll have to say. I hope I win this contest so I can win 20 more adorable buttons...maybe that'll be my motivation to sew :-) I'll keep ya posted on my button creation.

I'm still working on my Christmas Giveaway but I swear it's coming soon...don't give up on me just yet!



mysteryhistorymom said...

I came by way of Mommy Holly and wanted to say Hi! I love your blog header and your girls are darling! I am thinking of joining her swap, although I am involved in a ton already- lol! What's one more, right?:) Lori

Jessica and Chris said...

Hey! Chris has been trying to get to your blog and he said he couldn't figure it out - not very computer savvy that boy!!!!! wow you do lots of really cool stuff! I'm impressed :)

TMI said...

Way cute things! I went to leave a comment on the etsy shop, but there was 'no more room.' You're just way too popular!