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Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm back & I got to meet Shelli Gardner... and CEO of Stampin' Up! I went to the Regional Conference this weekend which was a lot of fun! The day went by so fast and now that I'm home, I need to go through all my pics which will probably take forever! I got some great ideas and learned a few new techniques & if I can get my stuff together I'd like to share with you sometime soon :-)

How exciting that I got to meet Shelli! It was very brief & the babe was grumpy and ready for a nap but even in that small amount of time, I could just feel her good vibes. She seems like such a positive & nice person and I really enjoyed my time at the conference hangin' with my Stampin' Up! ladies & meeting Shelli and her crew. They all seemed very nice actually, what a great gig they have going. I just read her blog post about her taxi driver she met in VA. Click here to check it out and you'll see what I mean!

Okay, I'm off to stamp a little before I crash from the long weekend. I should be receiving my Stampin' Up! order tomorrow...yippee!



cinnamonspice said...

Sounds like a great got to spend time doing what you love with your loved ones, what fun! I'm playing catchup, so I've finally responded to being tagged by you way back in October!!!

Robin said...

How exciting! I love SU!
Hey, I nominated you for a bloggy award! Come by to pick it up!

Tulsi said...

Shelli is really as sweet as she seems she is. She doesn't get to my home town to much, me either, but I see Vonna at class reunions. I just knew Vonna would end up doing something artistic. She was always drawing something. When we all lived in Kanab my husband would catch Shelli speeding (Highway Patrol) and ended up giving her a ticket after several stops and she was still so sweet.