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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Handmade Movement... the greatest idea ever! The Handmade Movement is a site that hit the web on October 1st of this year and is maintained by Michael Phipps (No, not Michael Phelps ladies :-), the creator of the "Sneak Attack" concept. The "Sneak Attack" is the Etsy buzz at the moment (and for a long time to come we hope)! It's purpose is to help promote sellers shops who have great handmade items and need a boost. The way it works is, every couple of days a new or undiscovered Etsy shop is chosen as a "victim" and at a planned time buyers visit the site and buy up fun is that? It gives the shop owner a burst of business and hopefully confidence along with it.

Even better, The Handmade Movement features shops who donate proceeds to charity which is just great! The site also has other promotions, tips, giveaways and links so it's just great all around.

Today's "Sneak Attack" was on StampOutCancer who makes beautiful handmade cards (which you know I love :-) The shop is run by sisters Andrea and Becca in memory of their grandfather who lost his battle with leukemia. 100% of the proceeds from this shop go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma can't get much better than that. So I had to buy these...

...adorable huh? So click here to go visit the shop for some cute cards & a good cause! And don't forget to check out for future "Sneak Attacks" and some fun giveaways.

It'll just make ya feel good...I promise!


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