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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby K slept "through the night"

Well, Kinda. She woke up to eat around midnight but then slept until 6:45 in HER CRIB! She has been sleeping in the bassinet beside the bed until around 1 or 2 & then would come to bed with us to eat and cuddle until morning (which I love). But two days ago we had to say bye bye bassinet because our little wiggle worm had gotten too long & squirmy for it. So she didn't really sleep all night...but she did sleep all night in her crib with only waking up once to eat, so I am thrilled. Hopefully she'll keep it up!

Oh & by the way, this is baby K in her new leaf print onesie I ordered from sweet3leafprints. She was so cozy and cute in it...I can't wait to go back and get more. She just posted a new purple & brown owl onesie that says "Love Hoo you are..." love it! Click here to go check it out!

Hope everyone had a happy Thursday...the weather here was just beautiful!



workout mommy said...

omigod, she is soooooo cute!

can you make me one like her? I'll buy her from your etsy store! :)

Anonymous said...

yay! for sleeping babies! hope she sleeps through the night again for ya!
and that onsie is sooo super cute...gotta go check it out!


ButterflyGem said...

oh my goodness jamie what a sweetie pie my sweet angel girl is 8 months and has yet to sleep through the night GRRR.... but she is my 5th so by now i am use to the lack of sleep LOL i would not know what sleep truely felt like ROFL! Congrats on the huge accomplishment and for being the very first person to follow my blog YAY! Now i have a real reason to blog ROFL!
hugs a bunch ALicia

MODNAROS said...

OMG! What a cutie! I can remember when my boys were that small and they first made it through an entire night ... an accomplishment indeed!

Guess what?? You've been tagged! Check out my blog to see what that entails ;)

Julie said...

Now THAT is a beautiful baby! :)