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Friday, May 1, 2009

Fairy Tales

For the Etsyblogger Carnival this week, I'm supposed to write about my favorite fairy tale and whether or not it has parallels to my life.

Well, I do love many Fairy Tales...but one of my favorite's is...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

I love how Alice falls down a rabbit hole into this fantasy world and that the creatures have unique human features! I definitely wouldn't say I live in a fantasy's great but not exactly fantasy, tee hee...but sometimes I like to imagine that I do. Especially when I get going in the studio nowadays, I find myself creating whimsical things that are kind of fairy tale like. I've been playing here and there with different mixed media and am really loving adventuring out. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE creating with PAPER but polymer clay & jewelry & feathers & paint & mod podge have been taking up a lot of my nights too, and that's only the tip of the iceberg ;-)

Although I haven't really shared any of my new creations here on my blog...I am planning on it and I've been wanting to get some things in the shop so hopefully that will happen soon.

So, here's the new Disney version of Alice and of course we have it...the girls love it!

Here's a link to a fun little quiz to determine which Alice in Wonderland character you are more like! I just took it and it said...

'You scored Alice! You are kind-hearted and curious and give yourself very good advice, but seldom follow it, which leads you into trouble. You always try to be courteous and polite, but you become cross when people speak in nonsense to you and scold them sharply.' Yep totally sounds like me, tee hee. Let me know which character you are if you take it.'

Here are a two items inspired by Alice in Wonderland from fellow Etsybloggers ~

Queen of Hearts Chocker necklace from 3RexesJewelry
Arabella and the Tomato Baby by AthenaWorkman

And I wanted to share some other Etsy links to some Alice creations too ~

Gift Tags by Time2create
Pocket moleskin cahier by Champignons
Steampunk charm bracelet by Poetsummer
The White Rabbit tote bag by theboldbanana
The Little Mad Hatter print by thepoppytree

Okay, I've shared some neat links and I could keep going but there are so many cute Alice inspired items on Etsy so I'll let you look for yourself.


P.S. Amy from Keeping up with the Shultz Family gave me this cute award...

...and you know I love me some bling ;-) Thanks a bunch girl!


mysteryhistorymom said...

I will check those sites out! Mandy is going to be Alice in our homeschool co-op's play next Tuesday!:) Lori

Polka Dot Moon said...

Fun post! Some of the movie actually scared me a bit when I was little!

Super cute Etsy finds too!!

Happy Friday :)

(Giveaways started today - come by!!!)

Carebear said...

Yes, that's a great fairy tale. I laughed when I read the carnival theme because my new blog makeover will be revealed very soon and I've changed my title to "Not Quite a Fairy Tale... Beauty and the little Beast." So I guess my real life is my favorite fairy tale or something like that!

Joy said...

Fun links Jamie! I'll be checking them out. :o)

Jennifer said...

I tagged you on my blog! Check it out!

a fanciful twist said...

Oh Alice, you are a doll!!! This is funny, I have will have take the quiz... Who Will I be? Probably the late rabbit or Melificent or Cruella, are they options, Bwahahaha!!

Your babies below are beyond beautiful, my gooooodnesss! Just beyond adorable!


Fresh Mommy said...

Oh that's fun!! Alice in Wonderland is a great choice. Sometimes it's great to just dream in fairytale!