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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh me oh my

I wanted to share a little something that has been an inspiration for me lately...

...Artful Blogging by Somerset Studio!

This is the Spring 09' edition & I'm so addicted. I literally start to drool when I open it up! I've recently discovered a few of Stampington & Company's other publications & they are all so yummy! I picked up the March/April issue of 'Somerset Studio-The Art of Paper & Mixed Media,' and it's got some great projects & paper doll ideas that I'm hoping to try out. Of course, I'll post them when I do.

And I can't wait to pick up the newest addition, 'Somerset Digital Studio,' because it may give me some inspiration with my Photoshop and Illustrator adventure.

Maybe one day, I'll be published in these great mags, haha...okay, see...I'm getting a little ahead of myself! But that's what Inspiration is for, right?

If you want to see more about these publications, click on any of the links above or over there in 'good reads,'on the left hand sidebar.
And I had such a busy day yesterday, I forgot to post the winners from SITS Spring here they are.

Rachel at Rachel Ann's Place was the lucky winner of the Wild Raspberry 12x12 paper pad, yay!

Here's the funny part about it. I was woken at about 2am by little miss hungry, so as I was nursing her, I got on the iphone to close comments & get on the random number generator to pick a winner (I do love to multi-task). I've never had this happen before because usually the numbers that are chosen seem high to me...but out of 116 entries, it chose lucky number 1. So I go see who commented first & it's Rachel! So I go to Rachel's blog to comment and let her know she won, when through blurry eyes I see my name? That I, lucky comment 13, won her giveaway, hehe. At first I think I'm dreaming but quickly realize that's not the case. How weird is that? Out of all of the comments, we won each others giveaways!! Talk about random. The world does work in mysterious ways.

And as for the ca-ute Amy Butler bag I gave away on SITS...they chose Natalie from "Hi, my name's Mommy...oh, wait Natalie."

I'll be sending out your prizes by the weekend ladies, so be on the lookout. CONGRATS to both of you!


Last but not least, I'll be having a little shop update this evening with some de-lish paper check back if you can.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!



Robin said...

Oh, that's awesome! Congrats on winning and to Rachel too.
I must check out those books! Thanks for the heads-up.
And are those sweats your wearing in that pic? They're really cool!

Amy said...

Congrats on your win. That is so funny you both won each other giveaways. Have a great day.

Tulsi said...

I noticed that you do Stampin' Up. I kind of perk up when I see that. I went to high school with Shelli Gardner and Vonna Crosby who started the business. Vonna is my grade. Such great ladies. How fun that you stamp. Do you sell, too?

Jamie said...

Yes Robin, those are some of my Fav lounge pants!! I got them when I was pregnant with my 3rd from the Lucky Store and they were well worth it because they are so comfy. They are actually a green tie-dye color but of course I altered the photo to black and white.

Jamie :-)

Jamie said...

Oh & TULSI, I do sell Stampin' Up! If you click on the link in the nav bar at the'll be taken to my website. I briefly got to meet Shelli in November she seemed really nice! Here is a pic and a little write up about it.

Thanks for the comment and awesome you go to school with such nice and talented ladies.

Jamie :-)

Trina said...

Well congrats on your win. That's nice. I only got a chance to enter 2 entries. Oh well. I love to look at peoples talented stamping projects. That's about all. I have stamped before but I'm just not creative. I have to copy everything I do. Lol.

Mammatalk said...

Artful Blogging? Now, that sounds interesting! Thanks for the tip.

Lalapoo said...

congrats on your winning!

Rachel Ann said...

Jamie...I still can't believe that we won each other's contests...

Want to know something else? My friends call me Random part of me isn't so surprised that it happened!! :)

ConversationsWithACupcake said...

It was So good of you to stop by my blog today. THANK YOU!

All the better because...your kind comment led me to your blog. Wowzereez! Keep up the beautiful bloggin' (and stampin') and fell free to stop by anytime!

Happy Weekend!

Andrea Rooks said...

Have you seen Stampington's "Where Women Create" publication? It's been extremely inspiring to me (I just wish I could spend $15 on it every three months!)

Bee and Rose said...

Congratulations!! I love Stampington & Co...they have a great website too...

I am defintely going to check out the Artful Blogging!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for your comment the other day on the Global Food Crisis post - we made it to 127 comments!