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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Bird House & Crafts

My oldest, DQ, has been very crafty lately and I'm lovin' seeing what she comes up with next. This Bird House was her creation on Sunday. I gave her some cardstock, ribbon, feathers and oil pastels and she made all of these paper bird ornaments with a template she found in her own magazine...then proceeded to decorate the back side of our hand-puppet theatre with them. The funny thing is that she turned it into a massage parlor...yeah, see that "Open" sign? Well, let's just say...I wouldn't visit this place again ;-) I was going to pay $2 for a whole body massage but she was too occupied with other things to actually give me one. But it's the thought that counts right?

She is our little entreprenuer I tell ya. She does an lemonade/rice crispy treat stand when our community has it's annual yard sale in the summer and she actually started this with the intent to take it to the street so people could stop for a little chair massage (ya know how they do at the malls sometimes). Hillarious! I had to let her down gently that not only was it 30 degrees outside but no adult would stop, park their car on the side of the street to get a massage from a little girl. She was not happy. I guess this isn't a bad thing...maybe one day she'll make it big and take care of mommy & daddy, hehe. Until then, I'll keep journaling some of her business ideas because I'm sure we'll get a good kick out of some of them one day :-)

In other news, I've totally been trying to get into any craft I can possibly get my hands on, it's like an addiction (unfortunately since I'm dabbling here and there, I haven't been creating for the shop)! Ever since Michaels opened up minutes from my house...It's like my 2nd home. I know the employees see me coming with all my brood and think, "what could she possibly need this time?" My husband has tried to ban me with no luck (at least he knows better than to go there WITH me, poor thing). I can't go to a craft store without spending at least 2 hours browsing. I used to spend all of it in the scrapbook section but lately, that's the last section I visit...if I even make it there before the kids start getting antsy, hehe.

Here are just a few items I bought last week from Michaels and Jo-Ann's. Now, the "catch-all" basket is overflowing with even more...just too lazy to take another picture (or put the stuff away, hehe).

I've been experimenting with polymer clay because I've seen so many cute ornaments made with it and you know how I love to make Christmas ornaments. My fav shop for Christmas ornaments is Whimsical Creations. She even gives a tutorial on how to make a Christmas present ornament here. Although, I haven't gotten all fancy yet...just usin' my lil' ol' hands. I'm totally getting ready to order quite a few from her because she makes the most precious things. And my M-I-L is letting me borrow a loom to knit hats and scarves but I haven't even attempted that yet. Thanks Om!

And I need a cute pincushion because I'm rarin' to get my dusty sewing machine back out! I've been dieing to try to make one of Betz White's cupcake cushions...but need to get some old sweaters and haven't had time to go to Good Will. If you haven't seen her book, you must check it out. I actually don't own it yet, but don't think I haven't stood for hours at the craft store reading it, hehe. I'm thinking I need an autographed copy from her shop!

You see...I could go on and on about all the crafts I want to try but I'm starting to overwhelm myself (which is pretty easy to do :-) so I'm going to go be creative now.

Nighty night...



tara @ kidz said...

Oh my goodness that is soooo adorable!

Kimberly said...

That book looks fabulous! Now I wanna buy it too! I totally need a cute pincushion, and those are adorable.

Her little massage chair business idea is cute! I wish I had memories like that from childhood, she'll love all your efforts one day!

Oh, and my hubby tries to ban me from Michaels and JoAnns too. Hahaha, as if! And he also knows better than to come, he makes me drop him off first, he just doesn't understand all the hours {or possibly days} I could spend there too! :o)

Kathleen said...

Looks like a good book.

And I'm right there with you, with a bunch of projects going on. :o)

Happy Tuesday!

Felicia said...

I love that your child is already thinking business. I try to get my 12 year-old to think that way but he doesn't care about anything but his xbox 360.

Michaela said...

I've got a bunch of projects I'm working on too, and not one of them is close to getting finished (well maybe 1 or 2 are hehe). Thanks for stopping by

Whimsical Creations said...

That bird house is adorable! She definitely a little entreprenuer! Tell her to keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for linking my shop. I really appreaciate the kind words!

=D melanie

Sara said...

That is such a cute little house!

Tristan said...

she is so cute:)

Robin said...

OMG... check out your daughter's craftiness! Clearly, she gets it all from her mama. So cute! And I love the massage part. A creative girl who knows how to make a buck! LOVE it!

Orr's said...

Congrats on your 30th sale! You are so talented and how fun to have your girls have fun projects.
lindee from SITS