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Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Etsy shop & Team Black Friday Sales...

Get ready for some wonderful sales bargain shoppers...just keep on reading...
First off, anything purchased in MY SHOP will be 15% off, Black Friday ONLY! So go get your Christmas tags, cards and other goodies...don't wait! Just purchase the items you want & I'll reimburse you the 15% through paypal (shipping will still be full price)...Woo Hoo...who loves a sale!?!

Also, The EtsyMom team is kicking off the holidays with the Season Opening Sale...starting tomorrow, November 28, otherwise known as BLACK FRIDAY...ooooohh, hehe! Search "EtsyMomSOS" (all one word) on Etsy to find participating shops!

Last but not least, the Etsyblogger team has 50 + shops that are having sales from Black Friday to through Cyber Monday...anything from percentages off to BOGO to Free Shipping, you name'll proabably see it! Just Click here to go check out the list of shops & all their goodness!

Thanks for all of your support of Etsy & buying HANDMADE...and have a Great Black Friday! So who's going to go out and try and fight the crowd's? Yeah, I'm still on the fence. Usually we are all about it...but this year, just not feeling it (and of course I'm buying a lot on Etsy). Definitely no plans to be out at 4am shopping :-) Maybe my girls will let me sleep in.....ooooooo, ahhhhhh...wouldn't that be a great treat!
Oh & I'll be posting another giveaway tomorrow for some Black Friday fun so don't forget to check back!


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mysteryhistorymom said...

Jamie- My husband (such a sweetie) is getting up at 4:30 AM to get ONE item at Toys R Us in the morning but I am sleeping in! Yippee!:) I am really trying to do most of my shopping on Etsy this year- in my jammies! I can't wait to check out your shop, my dear! I am having a SALE and a GIVEAWAY through tomorrow at midnight, so make sure and stop by!:) Lori