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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kandy Kisses Boutique Giveaway

I just stumbled upon a cute little blog & an AWESOME GIVEAWAY and you know I'm always up for sharing the, I won't give all the juicy details but you'll definitely want to check it out and grab up your numbers soon because it all starts on BLACK FRIDAY! Click here to visit the Kandy Kisses Boutique Blog for rules on how to enter. And Click here if you'd like to visit her Etsy shop (although you can get to her various shops from her blog)...but you know I'm a Etsy addict so anytime I get to plug a cool shop, I'm so going to :-) I really, really, really want to win a little something from her awesome giveaway because my little cutie would just LOVE to get all dolled up in her creations so wish me luck (& good luck to you too).

Okay, I'm off to finish sewing up the BUTTON FELTIES for the stockings my girls are making...can't wait to share the pictures when they are done! Oh, & sorry I didn't post yesterday (for those who actually read my mumbo jumbo)...I was up to my ears in laundry and totally passed out when I was done. But HOORAY for it being done (big *sigh* of relief)!

Don't forget to check back too...I may have a little Black Friday action going on myself ;-)



Zen Ventures said...

Hey thanks for sharing this. I just went there and entered. I sure will come back here on friday and see what you're up to! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Tristan said...

Thanks for sharing! Yay for laundry being done...I do 2 I am never actually done sigh*
You must show the pics when your done!

Kristin said...

Hey "Sis"! I think for black friday we're going shopping at midnight. It should be interesting. Hehe....