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Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday night "Fun Fest"

This is apparently a spin off of the ol' annual Scrapfest. Nic, came up with it and decided we would have a weekly family "fun fest" where we'd play board games, card games, the Wii and whatever else we could come up with as a family! What a great idea!

First, I (okay...WE) cooked a yummy delicious chicken dinner with rice and brocolli & cheese (which the girls love...Not!). I really did plan the meal and whipped up the marinade right out of my little brain. But I'll have to admit, my husband is the cook of the family and he ended up cooking the chicken. He was impressed I tried though and I really am getting better :-)

We went on to play pick up sticks, which is much harder than I ever remember (of course trying to play with one unsteady hand while sitting in the floor and nursing a squirmy baby at the same time was a bit challenging). But it was still fun listening to my daughter make up the rules as we went along...I'm almost sure we didn't play the right way...but it's hard to argue with an 8 year old who swears the black stick is worth two points :-)

Then we played "Go Fish," which is such a fun little card game. I LOVE that my girls love to play such classic, old school games!

To top off fun fest, we had a popcorn fight...don't ask!

What about you? Anyone have a family night or any fun ideas?


workout mommy said...

awww, you guys are so cute! that sounds like a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Go Fish and a popcorn fight?! Where was i? Oh wait....over 200 miles away. Now i remember where i am. In the time warp of SW VA...hehe