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Friday, August 22, 2008

Girl Scout Camp

Our little girl is growing up WAY too fast! Cole decided she was a "Big girl" this year and she wanted to go to an overnight Girl Scout Camp...7 nights to be exact. Of course, we said no way but decided to let her go to a 3 night camp if a friend went with her. So this is Cole trying to be funny as we're dropping her off and getting ready to leave (can you imagine what is going through my little mommy heart?). I was almost in tears leaving my firstborn at her first overnighter until I climbed back into a truck full of screaming rugrats, ha! It was a surprisingly quiet few days without phonecalls allowed to or from the camp, she had to use latrines (AKA BIFFIES, which I think is a hillarious name for the pooper) & they slept in cabins with mosquito netting over them. All I could think about it my little girl who isn't supposed to be all "grown up" yet is doing these things all by herself.
I found out upon picking her up that she and her best buddy had both "lost" their flashlights the first night and had to stay in the DARK in their cabin all night...poor things! The funny thing is that I found her flashlight at the bottom of her bag when she got home. That's my girl!! But she said she had a pretty good time other than at night (when there may have been a few crying episodes, hehe) we may be skipping the overnighters for awhile. But I think it was a good summer experience for her... & hopefully it showed her that she's still Mommy's little girl afterall.

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